50 plus youtube video ideas for one person.

50 plus youtube video ideas for one person
50 plus youtube video ideas for one person

Youtube is a great platform to showcase your talent to the world. You don’t need too much money to start a channel on youtube because it is just free. Open your camera record your creativity and just post it on youtube. And the great thing is that you can earn money from it. Probably you also want to start your channel on youtube but don’t have any idea to make videos. But don’t worry, here I’m to help you with this. In this blog, I’ll give you a very large list of ideas so you can pick the best one for yourself and start making videos.

Top 50+ youtube video ideas

1. Technology explained

In this category, you can explain technical terms and new technologies so that people can understand it easily. You can explain it in a very simple way so everyone can understand it easily. You can use different examples and animations to explain it in an interesting way.

2. Mobile reviews

This is the era of mobiles. Every day new smartphones are coming into the market. So you can review different mobiles and put your thoughts on videos about that mobile. You can tell your audience about the device’s specifications, the pros and cons of mobiles, and should they buy it or not. Because nowadays peoples love to watch reviews of mobiles before buying it.

3. Tech news

In this category, you can make videos about new mobile, computer and gadgets releases, new technologies, upcoming technology, tech controversies, information from tech companies and every update in the tech world. This is the category where you have to be up to date.

4. Mobile Customization

Everyone wants to make their mobile and home screen look better. You can make videos on mobile customization in which you can show different customization styles using launchers and themes. Launchers like Nova and action allows you to customize your mobile home screen however you want. You can show and make tutorials that how to customize home screens using launchers, icons packs, wallpapers, fonts, and themes.

5. Tech tips and tricks

You can make different videos about mobile and computer tips and tricks. You can show different mobile tips, computer tricks that people love to watch and try. Different tips and tricks also help people to solve their problems and do things easily.

6. Cooking

Cooking is the most popular and more competitive category. If you have the good cooking skill then you definitely have to for this. Here you can show different and recipes, easy recipes, make in 5 or 10-minute manse instant recipes in an easy way so that your audience can learn it easily and try it.

7.  Vlogging

Vlogging is the best and very popular category among all. There are so many very successful vloggers like logan paul, Amanda Cerny who has a very big audience and they earns a very good amount of money as well. You can also make vlogs of thing happening around, places that you visit, and your different fun activities. You just need a good camera to shoot vlogs.

8. DIY

Do it yourself is the best and very interesting category. So many videos got millions of views of these categories. You can make different DIY videos that show how to make something out of waste. These types of videos help to solve their problems and save money.

9. Reaction videos


You can make videos in which you can give reactions on different videos, trailers, peoples, and funny videos. You can make funny and different interesting reactions and funny faces while watching videos. For this, you can choose more famous videos and peoples.

10. Gameplays

This is the most popular category on youtube. And Pewdiepie is a live example of it with the most subscribes youtube channel on the earth. You can also make gameplay videos if you have good gaming skill. You can give different reactions while playing games. You can play different and famous games and record them. People love to watch this kind of videos.

11. Q&A

You can make videos in which you will answer the questions of your fans and subscribers. You can go live on youtube to make Q&A videos or you can ask your subscribers to put their question on a youtube comment section, twitter or facebook. You can choose the best questions out of all and answer them and make a video.

12. Inspiration and motivation

Make videos about inspiration. If you have a good speaking skill and if you can inspire people you should go for it. You can here discuss solving life problems, how to live life and how to get success. You can make spiritual videos.

13. Beauty and fashion

This is also a very famous and very popular category of all time. Make videos about makeup tutorial, hairstyles, how to be ready in 10 minutes, instant makeup tutorial, different clothing styles, new fashions, beauty products reviews and much more. You can make a dedicated channel for men.

14. Biography

You can make videos for a biography of famous peoples. After some research on the internet and other places, you can gather information and make a video. You can use different animation and pictures to make it more interesting. People love to watch biographies of popular peoples like celebrities, actors, actress, cricketers, businessman, entrepreneur, game players, singers etc.

15. Success stories

You can make one dedicated channel to show success stories of famous peoples. In this, you can about their life, controversies, struggle, childhood, how they became successful in an interesting way. You can use animations to explain it more properly.

16. Finance

If you have good knowledge about finance you should make videos about it. You will also get a higher advertising rate on these types of videos. You can give the best financial advise and guide to people.

17. Banking

Banking is one of the best and less competitive categories. So many peoples have doubts and confusions about banking. People always try to find the best, real and genuine information about banking to solve their doubts. If you have banking knowledge then you should start with this category.

18. Marketing

Marketing is also the best topic for youtube. You can make different marketing strategies, marketing segmentation and different business plan to help businessman to grow their business and products.

19. Investment

Make videos about different investment guide to help people where should they invest their money and get more benefit. Make videos on different investment plans.

20. Startup stories

In this category, you can make videos about different startups. Talk about their beginning, Struggle time, hard work, strategies and plans, inspirational things and how they got success. Make videos about successful startups, companies, and entrepreneurs.

21. Life hacks

Make life hacks videos in which you can show some tricks and hack to solve daily life problems. You can show how to make best out of waste to save money. And simple tricks to do things easily.

22. Programming

If you are you at programming and if you can teach people about programming then you should go for this. You can make tutorials for specific languages like c, java, python, c++ etc. You can also make videos about the use of different languages and how to learn coding and other programming languages.

23. How to

Make videos about how to? means how to do something. You can teach people how to do something that you know.

24. Youtube

In youtube, you can make videos about youtube. Yes, make one youtube advice channel in which you can tell about how to create a channel, how to create a thumbnail, how to grow channel, how to get more subscribers, how to make trending videos, how to like youtube channel to Adsense account and different youtube tutorials.

25. WordPress

So many WordPress bloggers and WordPress users need help to solve problems in their WordPress sites. Peoples also search things like “how to do this on WordPress” so you can make tutorials on WordPress like how to make a website in WordPress and how to install and use themes and plugins etc.

26. Top 10

You can make a list of top 10 in every category like top 10 YouTubers, top 10 actors, top 10 countries, top 10 richest peoples, top 10 cars, top 10 comedy movies, top 10 songs, top 10 high paid actress and so may videos.

27. Pranks

There are thousands of pranks channels and millions of prank videos on youtube. So many popular pranksters make amazing prank videos and get millions of views. This is a very common popular category on youtube. If you have talent and daring then you can also make prank videos. You can start doing pranks with friend and families and shoot it.

28. Cover songs

So many peoples have an amazing voice and maybe you are also one of them. Then youtube is the best platform for you. You can sing and make cover songs on youtube. People will appreciate your singing and it will also help to make your career in singing.

29. Maths tutorial

So many students want maths tutorials so if you are good at mathematics then you can maths tutorials. You can make videos on different and easy methods to solve math problems. You can also make videos like math is fun and short tricks to solve problems.

30.  How to make a website

If you are a web designer then you can make tutorial videos on how to design websites. There are so many peoples who want to learn web designing.

31. Computer algorithms

In this category, you can teach computer algorithms. You can select this category if you are good at programming and algorithms. You can teach different types of algorithms using different languages.

32. Roleplay

If acting is your passion then you can make videos in which you can play different types of roles. You can play different types of roles like funny, emotional, rude and so many. If people like your work and appreciate it then you can make your career in acting.

33. Spoof videos

You can make spoof videos of other videos like trailers, films, and other videos. Make funny and comedy spoof videos.

34. Roasting videos


Now after the success of some famous roasters on youtube this category is being popular. Following successful pranksters now so many peoples have started roasting channels. In this category, you can make a roast of funny videos, peoples, stupid peoples, stupid videos, actors and others. But keep in mind that making a roast of some famous peoples can put in in big trouble.

35. Stand up comedy

There are so many stand-up comedians on youtube and they are successful as well. People love to watch and enjoy comedy videos so that is you can do stand up comedy then I think you should go for it.

36. Mimicry


If you can do mimicry of someone then you can make funny mimicry videos.

37. Biology

This category has a big scope to make videos. You can make videos about the human body and different parts of humans. If you are a student of biology then I don’t think that you need my suggestion to make videos because you can decide more batter.

38. Horoscope

Make daily horoscope videos for different zodiac. So many peoples still believe in this kind of things.

39. Music videos

Make music videos if you are good at playing musical instruments. You can also tech peoples that how to play any musical instrument.

40. House and room decorations

Start making videos about how to decorate house and rooms. You can decorate your own home and room beautifully and make videos to show that how to decorate like this. You can also tell them how to decorate home, office, and room in less money.

41. Dancing


If you are a good dancer then you can upload your dancing videos. You can show your different dancing moves and talent. You can also teach dancing to people.

42. Health and fitness

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. Give health and fitness tips to your audience. You can tell peoples how to live healthy and fit. And make videos about healthy food and diet and fitness workout tips.

43. Bodybuilding

Young girls any boys want to make a good and fit body to look young and fit. Following their Favorite actor and actress young boys and girls also want to make a body like them. So you can make workout videos for different parts of the body. Gym diet plan and tips videos.

44. Traveling

If you love to travel and if you are traveling a lot then shoot videos of different places and make traveling guide videos.

45. Movies reviews

Make reviews of movies that you have watched. And tell your viewers that how interesting those movies were. Should they watch it or not?

46. Interviews

Take interviews with popular peoples on your channel and try to make interviews more interesting and do fun activities so people enjoy it and won’t get bored.

47. Challenge videos

You can challenge your friends or family members or take a challenge to do something funny and daring. And complete that challenges. You can also do it with strangers and other peoples, you can offer them something and reward them after they complete the challenge.

48. Animal and pet videos

Shoot videos of your pets and animals and post it on youtube. You can also shoot videos of your pets while they are doing something funny.

49. Baby caring

Make videos that how to take care of babies and you can also review and show the best product for babies.

50. Book reviews

You can review different types of books and tell your audience that should they read or not.

51.  Magic tricks

Do you know magic tricks……? Then show it to your audience and also make videos to show how to do those magics.

52. Time-lapse

Shoot one image daily of some changing places and things. And combine those all images after some long time and make slow motion time-lapse videos in which you can see a change in every frame.

53. What’s On My Phone

Everyone has different things and apps on their mobiles. You can also show which apps and things you are using in your mobiles. Make videos like what’s on my phone/android/ios.

54. Expose

Expose some hidden truth and facts. You can also expose peoples and facts about them.

55. Desk setups

Make videos of desk tour and you can also show some best programming and gaming desk setups. Videos like ” how to make gaming setup in very less money” will help you to gain more views.

Stay tuned for more youtube video ideas. I’ll keep updating this list and comment below if you like this.

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