Why Pocophone f1 is so cheap. [Cheating ?]

Why Pocophone f1 is so cheap
Why Pocophone f1 is so cheap

Xiaomi has released it’s a latest mobile phone called Pocophone f1 and this phone has something special than Xiaomi’s other devices. Since it was announced people were so excited about its launch. But why this mobile got so popular very quickly and why people are talking so much about this phone?. There must be some special thing about this phone.

So the reason behind all this is its specification and price. This phone comes with a very high specification like Snapdragon 845 processor which is available in high-end phones like Oneplus 6, Samsung galaxy note 9 and 6gb and 8gb ram and 4000 Mah of a massive battery. The phone comes with three storage options 64gb, 128gb and 256gb and this phone also has a beautiful display with very small bezels and a notch at the top. And all this thing is only at the starting price of 20,999 rupees.

So, now the question comes to our mind is that how can any smartphone company can give this much high specification at this low price and processor like Snapdragon 845 which is available in costly phones.”Are they cheating us or is there any kind of fraud?” these types of questions are obvious.

So now let’s understand all games behind this phone. As we know that Xiaomi is the very popular Chinese brand known for selling phones with high specifications at a very low price and they are very successful as well because people in a country like India recommend buying a low budget smartphone with a good budget smartphone over a costly smartphone. The market share of Xiaomi in India in the fourth quarter of 2017 is 25% according to NDTV leaving Samsung behind. But in the second quarter of 2018 Samsung managed to beat Xiaomi by acquiring 29% of the market compared to Xiaomi’s 28%.

And with time the competition is getting higher and higher. Companies like Oppo, Vivo, Asus, Honor, and Onepluse are growing very fastly in the Indian market and giving very high competition to Xiaomi because these brands are also giving high specifications at a low price. Now, these companies are also focusing on the budget segment.

Recently Honor has launched its Honor play, Nokia has launched it’s 6.1, Asus has launched ZenFone 5Z and companies like Oppo and Vivo have also launched phones like Vivo v9, Oppo v, and f3plus. There are so many other mid-range devices available and these smartphones are also selling very quickly.

After the release of Oneplus’s Oneplus 6 at the starting price of 34,999 rupees Oneplus became the number one smartphone selling company in the premium smartphone segment in India. Oneplus acquired 40% of market share compared to Samsung’s 34% and Apple’s 14% in the second quarter of 2018 according to the Firstpost.

So data is clearly showing that competition is very high in this budget phones and mid-range phone. Now Xiaomi is already king of the budget segment and doing very good in that department with phones like Redmi note 5 and MI A2. And with smartphones like Redmi Y2, Redmi 4A, Redmi 5 and 5a Xiaomi is also dominating the low budget segment.

But mid-range smartphones of Xiaomi are not so popular and smartphone-like MI5 was not so successful in India so they never even released MI6 after that. And even Xiaomi has not launched many flagship phones in India. But now Xiaomi no longer wants to remain silent in this department. So to dominate the mid-range smartphone segment Xiaomi came with its brand new phone called Pocophone F1.
Poco is actually sub-brand of Xiaomi and Pocofone f1 is also designed under this brand. Most of the Xiaomi’s flagship phones are only designed and optimized for chine but with this Poco brand now Xiaomi wants to target other countries like India and others. Mobiles under the Poco brand are assumed to be optimized for use in other countries.

Since it’s announcement Pocofone is getting an overwhelming response from people and people are very excited to buy this phone because of the price and specification. So it is obvious that after starting its sale it will again make history.

So now the question is why Xiaomi wants to target this segment. The answer is people are now moving from budget phones to mid-range phones because of good features and specifications. People are ready to pay little more money to get a better smartphone so day by day people are moving forward to mid-range smartphone category. Now we know that Xiaomi is not very successful in this segment and other brands like Oppo, Vivo, Honor, Asus, and Oneplus are very popular and selling a good amount of smartphones. If Xiaomi doesn’t think about this department then probably they can lose a big market in the future and it can cost too much loss for Xiaomi And if you stop gaining then you will start losing. And it can also result in the end of Xiaomi like other companies who don’t change with the time. But Xiaomi is not one of those companies so Xiaomi came with Pocophone F1 to retain dominance over the mobile market. So Xiaomi is now all set to defeat other phones like Oneplus 6, Honor Play, Asus Zenfone 5Z, etc, with its brand new Pocophone F1.

So now let’s talk about how can Xiaomi is able to give smartphone with Snapdragon 845 processor and other high specification at this low price. As we know that China is always known for low priced phones because production cost is very low in China compared to other countries and because of the higher population labor cost is also less. So Chinese companies like Xiaomi can provide smartphones at a low price. Even Xiaomi is already known for a low priced smartphone so for Xiaomi it is not a big deal to provide high specifications at a low price.

Now let’s talk about how can Xiaomi provide a snapdragon 845 processor at a very low price which is available in premium smartphones. The reason behind this is that Xiaomi is targeting to sell a very large amount of smartphone so if Xiaomi buys a very large amount of processor then Snapdragon can provide them it at a comparatively low price. And it is also obvious that more people will buy if the price is low. And another reason is that if Xiaomi has to defeat other phones at that price segment then they must need to provide something special that different than others. Even if profit is small per device then they can earn more by selling more devices.

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