What is front-end development? All about front-end web development.

What is front-end development All about front-end web development
What is front-end development All about front-end web development

“Front-end” development is a most commonly used word in web development. Some people are familiar with this word but some people wonder that what is the meaning of Front-end web development. People who have started learning web development recently are probably don’t know that what is front-end web development. In this article, I have covered most of the things that you need to know about front-end web development.

In any website or web-service, there are mainly two sides Client side and Server side. Client side is a side that user can see and interact with available options. Client side contains Visual information, User-interface, options etc. And the server side is a side where all main processes happen and data is stored. But we will talk about this thing in detail in another article.

Now the development of client-side things called front-end development and people means programmers who develop this thing are called “Front-end developers”. In front-end development client side things are developed like the architecture of web page, user-interface, look of web page etc.

Front-end development is quite simple compared to server-side programming. Anyone who doesn’t even have any experience of programming can also learn front-end development easily. You can easily learn basic of front-end development in about one month.

Now let’s talk about languages used in front-end web development.

Languages used for front-end web development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

These three are the main languages used in front-end development. Now let’s understand about each language and how it works and how they are helpful for front-end development.


HTML is a markup language and full-form of HTML is Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is the main language for designing web. It defines the architecture of web page and layout. HTML is used to arrange contents like text, images, videos on the web page that what to show and where to show. HTML is not a programming language. So you don’t need to compile it because it uses an interpreter to understand the code. HTML uses tags to define different part of web page. Like

  • <html> For Starting of HTML document
  • <P> To add paragraph
  • <body> To define body of page etc.

A small snippet of HTML code :

This is title of html
<p> This is paragraph </p>


Full-form of CSS is cascading style-sheet. While Html defines the structure of web page, CSS used to decorate and give better look to HTML content. CSS defines the appearance and look of the webpage. You can use CSS to style fonts, add colors, change background color and image, use different font-family etc. You can style individual content by adding specification of it. In below example paragraph is styled.

A small snippet of CSS program

p {
color: red;
text-align: center;


JavaScript is a powerful tool for web development. JavaScript is scripting language used for the web. By using HTML and CSS you can make simple and static web page but by adding JavaScript you can make your web page more interactive and dynamic. All magical thing that happens after the page is loaded completely is happening by JavaScript. JavaScript runs at the client-side machine.

Small snippet of JavaScript

<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>This just normal paragraph</p>

Other front-end technologies

These are basically used languages for development of front-end. But to improve the development of web and to meet the latest requirement some new technologies are also introduced. Different types of libraries and frameworks are developed to give web-development speed. Different types of libraries are introduced to extend capabilities of HTML, CSS add JavaScript. JQuery is the most widely used JavaScript library by developers all over the world. JQuery was first introduced in 2006. JQuery allows developers to write JavaScript code that works on most browsers.

Different types of Frame-works are also available to provide a better development environment for developers to develop a better product. Bootstrap is a most popular frame-work created by Twitter for front-end development. Bootstrap contains pre-designed website layouts, page elements, and templates that let you create a website very easily and quickly. But other than this there are so many libraries and frameworks are available that you can use for front-end development. Later on other articles, we’ll talk about other libraries and frameworks in detail.

Importance of front-end web development

Now let’s talk about the importance of front-end development,

As we all know that normal user can understand and care only about things that they can see directly. They don’t care about what is going on in the background. So that we have to provide better things to users at the front side. We have to arrange contents in a better way so that user can understand it properly and everything must be clear and easily understandable. Better user-interface attracts the user. But if your content is ambiguous and designs not clear then a user will not fill good and will move to other sites.

All options and navigation are must be available when a user wants it. So front-end is all about things that matter directly with the user. Better user-interface, design and content arrangement is essential for front-end web development. We’ll also talk about User-interface in detail in another article.

Should I learn front-end web development or not?

you probably confused about learning front-end web development, so let’s talk about it also. Learning front-end development is all about your interest in it and what you want to do with it or probably you want a job for it. If you want to learn designing websites then you must learn front-end development. And if you are interested in designing beautiful web templates, web user interface and how front side of websites look then you should learn front-end side development.

Basic salary of front-end developers

Now let’s talk about how much money you can make doing a job of front-end development. But as we all know that salary packages depends on so many factors like development skill, experience, company, area, country, etc. Despite, I did some research on the internet about what is the average salary of a front-end developer. So as a fresher in any company you won’t get much salary, you will be paid around 10k as a fresher. But as your experience and skill increase, you will be paid more. An average salary of front-end developer in India is 360,000/yr, and in United state, you will get about $88,680/yr.

As we all know that employees are paid differently in different companies. So let’s see a basic salary of front-end developer in different companies in India.

  • Tata Consultancy Services 475,442
  • Infosys 506,250
  • Tech Mahindra 531,400
  • Accenture 429K – 554K
  • Bookmyshow 555,748

Area wise in India

  • in Pune  2.4 – 3.2 LPA
  • in Delhi  3.6 -4.5 LPA
  • in Banglore  3.6 – 6 LPA

In the United State

  • IBM $81,822
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions $73,200
  • Accenture $93,555
  • Clearlink $65,600

Above data is based on glassdoor.co.in

This is data of basic salary of a front-end developer. But as the importance of web is increasing and more and more web-based services are developing, a demand of web developers is increasing. Because nowadays more and more companies are adopting cloud-based services.

And if you are passionate about learning then nothing should stop you. If are interested in it then you can be master of it and then you can earn as much as you want. So many high skilled front-end developers are also getting paid by 20lacs+.

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