We’re unable to Review your site due to Covide-19 Pandemic-adsense [Solved]

Google AdSense-Unable to review your site. (COVID-19) pandemic

Are you getting this message on your Google AdSense Account?

Nowadays, during this coronavirus pandemic time, so many new bloggers who are applying for AdSense are getting this message. And I know, It is so much upsetting and many of you wondering “What to do now?”.

But don’t worry, this is not the end of the world, there are several alternative ways you can try and start making money. And here I’m going to tell you about one of those possible and quite an easier way that you can monetize your blog.

But first of all, let’s understand why you are getting this message.

Why are you getting this message?

If you are getting only this message: We’re unable to review your site then, there can be several possible reasons why your blog is not getting approved. One of the most possible reasons is your blog is not fulfilling the requirements of being approved for Google AdSense.

As most of the time, Google won’t tell you the exact reasons why they are unable to review your blog, you’ve to manually check your blog and find the problem. So, read all the terms & conditions of Google AdSense, and make sure that your blog is not violating any of Google’s guidelines.

Some of our services are temporarily experiencing delays during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandamic. This means that we’re unable to review your site at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.

But if you’re getting a message like above then you can clearly see that this is happening because of this coronavirus situation.

As we all know that we are going through a very tuff time. And in this situation, most companies are handing their workload with very small teams. And Google is also one of them.

Not all employees are allowed to come to the office. So most of them are working from and only those employees are going to the office who are must require to be at the office.

Here none of us knows that when this situation is going to over. But even though Google is trying so hard to provide the best experience for their main services and so, they have put the hold on this type of services.

Google will find the solution to this problem as soon as possible even this Coronavirus situation won’t end and then after you will be able to apply your blog for review. So till then how many times you apply, your application won’t proceed and you’ll get the same response in email again and again.

Also, we don’t know how much time all these will take.

So what to do now?

Should you lose your income?

Should you just keep waiting and wasting time?

The simple answer is : NO

And the Solution is :- Media.net

I don’t know that have you ever heard of Media.net ever or not. But now I’ll tell you why Media.net is the solution.

Good News

While Google has stopped accepting new blogs for AdSense, Media.Net is still accepting new blogs on their platform and The Good-News is that the review process is also got very faster. Most of the time your blog will be reviewed and approved within 2-3 days.

Small Introduction

Media.net is Yahoo & Bing ad Network which was started back in 2010 and founded by Div Turakhiya. Media.net mostly provides Contextual ads.


  • No minimum traffic required
  • You can apply for the website with very less content
  • The blog review process is very fast
  • You can monetize a blog with video content also
  • Contextual Advertisements
  • High RPM compare to AdSense
  • $100 payout threshold
  • Higher CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • Easy payment process using Payoneer
  • Various types of advertisement sizes
  • Ad customizations
  • 10% Extra revenue for the next three month (Read More Below for this)

When you get paid?

You will be getting paid for the second click. Means that user will see the ad on your website then he/she will click on that ad then it’ll redirect to another page which contains more detailed information about advertisements. If user click on that then only you’ll get paid.

How to generate more income with Media.Net?

(Must Read)

To make money with Media.net You need traffic from countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK, etc. Then only you’ll be able to make a good amount of money out of your blog. As most of the advertisers are from tire-1 countries.

So how much traffic you’re getting, if it’s not from these countries then you won’t be able to make more revenue. So I highly advise you to target these types of countries with your blog and try to generate traffic from tier-1 countries.

The second most important thing is the topic (niche) of your blog and content. As I said earlier Media.net provides Contextual ads. So it analyses the content of your blog and shows advertisements based on that content.

For Example :

  • If your blog is about mobiles or computers it’ll show advertisements related to that like Best Smartphones, Best Computers, etc.
  • If your blog is about petting then it’ll show advertisements for pet’s products etc.

So to generate good revenue you need to optimize your content is such a way that you can get more related advertisements. There should be a meaningful relationship between audience target by your content and advertisement.

For example: if you’ve written a blog about the top 10 best laptops then your targeted audience will be people who are looking for buying a laptop. And Media.net will also show advertisements related to that which means you’ll have higher chances of getting clicks on advertisements.

Double Good News

If you signup using this link then you’ll get 10% extra on your earned income for the next three months. And I will also get small benefit out of it.

So start your journey with media.net from Here.

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