Should I start a YouTube channel?

Should I start a YouTube channel
Should I start a YouTube channel

“Should I start a YouTube channel or not?” This is the first and very common question that comes in the mind of most people before starting a youtube channel or while watching other successful YouTubers.

Are you one of them? Then let’s answer your question today to help you make your final decision today.

YouTube is the NO.1 platform for video content and the second most used search engine after its parent company Google. YouTube has over 1.9 Billion Active users per month and over 30 million viewers per day. And over 5 Billions of videos are being watched per day.

This data shows the popularity of YouTube and the opportunity it provides to people to get success using this platform.

In 2007 Youtube launched its partner program so now, people mean YouTubers can monetize their videos and make money from ads on their videos. This thing attracted so many people and so many new channels are started because Who doesn’t love money just by making videos?

So many people became famous through YouTube and making thousands of dollars per month and living an amazing life. So it is quite obvious to attract those people and you also want to get famous like them and make money and live a better life.

On YouTube, not just only very popular people are making money but ordinary people are also making from little to higher. So it is also not required to become as famous as those people.

Now let’s come to your question that should you start your own YouTube channel or not? Now before knowing my answer first let yourself ask yourself a question Why do you want to start a YouTube channel?

Because for different people reasons behind starting a YouTube channel can be also different. And reasons can be as follow.

  • To get famous
  • Adsense money
  • As a Part-time job
  • As a Full-time job
  • To help and educate people
  • To share or sell your product
  • To improve business
  • Showcase your talent or work
  • For learning
  • To get richer
  • Easy money
  • As a hobby
  • To improve lifestyle
  • Want to become successful as any YouTuber
  • For marketing
  • Just for time pass and to share random things

Most of the above reasons are valid except one or two and, your reason can be any of them. So now I think you have your reason Why do you want to start your own YouTube channel?

YouTube is a great platform for both showcasing your talent and earning from that because anyone can start his/her own channel just by sitting in front of a camera and recording his/her self or other things and publishing on YouTube.

You don’t even require any type of qualification or certificate to start your channel and YouTube doesn’t do any kind of discrimination with anyone and treat all people as same.

YouTube is already very popular and has a large amount of audience so you don’t even have to market your channel. Even you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars as other businesses for getting started.

For making your own YouTube channel and to get the success you must have to be passionate about making videos. Without passion, you will lose your hope and get disappointed.

For anyone with talent must start his/her own channel on YouTube. Because YouTube is a great opportunity and you must not let it go away and waste both opportunity and talent.

YouTube has made so many people famous and YouTube stars like PewDiePie, MKBHD, BB ki vines, Logan Paul, and the list goes on. And who knows next is you.

If you have the talent and something unique to share, you can start uploading videos on YouTube without thinking about anything other. If your content is good, unique, and interesting then you will automatically start getting views and subscribers.

And if you start getting views and subscribers then you can also earn money by monetizing your videos so money is also there with success. So don’t think about anything if you have good ideas just start making videos.

Should I require a unique idea to start a channel

Should I start a YouTube channel-Should I require a unique idea to start a channel
Should I start a YouTube channel-Should I require a unique idea to start a channel

Some people think they can be successful on YouTube only if they have unique ideas but it is completely false and wrong. You can start making videos on the same ideas and topics as others in your way with little extra uniqueness.

Because if MKBHD is making tech videos does not mean you should not make tech videos. You can also make tech videos with little uniqueness, for example, you can make comparisons between phones or battery test or anything that you can think that you can make videos about and people are interested in watching.

As we said earlier that YouTube has Billions of users and daily billions of views you will definitely get your audience if your content is good and interesting.

Don’t get disappointed or lose hope

Should I start a YouTube channel-Don't get disappointed or lose hope
Should I start a YouTube channel-Don’t get disappointed or lose hope

Some people start their YouTube channel upload some videos and think they will get success. And after some days because of not getting views and subscribers get disappointed and lose their hope and stops making videos.

This must not be the case with you if you want to get successful on Youtube. You have to start your channel and make videos with no hope of getting views, subscribers, success, and making money at starting.

For every YouTuber, it takes time to get your channel popular, and videos starting getting views. Even today’s biggest YouTubers were also not getting views at starting but they kept making videos and today they got so popular.

For example, the very popular tech YouTuber MKBHD himself said that he had only 74 subscribers when he made his 100th video. But today he is one of the top tech YouTubers in the world.

So keep making videos, solve your mistakes and try to make it
more and more interesting day by day who knows which video of your will get viral.

YouTube just for Money

Should I start a YouTube channel-YouTube just for Money
Should I start a YouTube channel-YouTube just for Money

Some people start a YouTube channel just for making money. They think YouTube is a very easy and fast way of making money. And here they do a mistake.

If you have only one goal for creating a YouTube channel “Making Money” then don’t do that. I personally don’t recommend you to join YouTube because you won’t be successful.

You can definitely think of making money from YouTube it is not bad but it should not be the only reason for joining YouTube and Starting your channel. Because to become successful on YouTube you just need to have a passion for making good content as well.

And if you are thinking that creating videos is a very easy process then you are wrong. It takes so much time, hard work, and passion for creating interesting content for viewers.

If your goal is only money then you will get disappointed very quickly and will quit YouTube. So before starting your own YouTube channel be passionate about something. Because making better content and videos for YouTube requires so much effort.

YouTube as a Full-time

Should I start a YouTube channel-YouTube as a Full-time
Should I start a YouTube channel-YouTube as a Full-time

Are you thinking of quitting your job for YouTube? don’t do that mistake.

Quitting your job for making videos or for becoming a full-time YouTuber is not a good idea and it can also be your mistake that will make you regret later about your decision.

If you already have a job then don’t quit it for YouTube but instead of that, I recommend you make videos in your part-time. You can easily make videos before or after your job time.

We know that on YouTube you can earn more money than your 9 to 5 job but the problem is YouTube income is not very stable. Some people make too much money and some can’t even earn for one cup of coffee.

Even after getting lots of subscribers and views earning from YouTube is not always stable because it depends on advertisers, ads, CPC, and time. Because on occasions Google gets a good amount of advertisements and money from advertisers and so Google pays more money to YouTubers but it is not always the same.

For example in 2017 because of some bad videos on YouTube so many popular companies had stopped advertising on YouTube. Soon that time even big YouTubers were not getting paid enough. And there is also some chance of getting banned from YouTube for any mistake.

So first you can start YouTube as part-time and later after getting a good subscriber base and stable views you can think of quitting your job. Because there are so many full-time YouTubers earning very good money from YouTube.

YouTube for Bussiness or Marketing

Should I start a YouTube channel-YouTube for Bussiness or Marketing
Should I start a YouTube channel-YouTube for Bussiness or Marketing

YouTube provides a great opportunity to improve your business. YouTube has billions of users and you can take advantage of that for marketing your business and product.

YouTube is even a better tool for marketing than advertisements and other paid tools. Because using YouTube you can drive so many users and peoples to your product or business. Because video works better than text and images.

If you have any product to sell than you should start your YouTube channel to drive buyers from your videos to your store.

Is it just an Attraction?

Some people get influenced by successful YouTubers and want to become as successful as them without having any idea.

They get attracted to their popularity, money, fame, and lifestyle and try to copy them without knowing anything. So you also have to be aware of that.

Copying someone is not a solution. You can’t get successful as them just by copying them. Taking inspiration from someone is definitely a very good idea but to become successful as them, you have to make your own way and you need to have a passion for it.

Okay, Now final words

Anyone can start a YouTube channel for any reason fame, lifestyle, money, marketing, hobby, education, help, learning, or just for sharing random things.

But you have to keep some things in your mind that you can be successful only if you are really interested in it and passionate about it. Otherwise, you won’t succeed.

And before starting your own channel you should have at least ideas for your next 25 to 50 videos. So you won’t get run out of ideas and it will help you to be consistent.

Really final words 🙂

If you are passionate or have a talent or interest then you must have to try at least once without thinking much. Because you don’t have to pay anything for it. You can get started with your mobile camera also.

If you get success then okay continue and even if you don’t you don’t lose anything. Who knows you are the next Star.

Best of Luck 🙂

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