Is it too late to start a youtube channel in 2021?

Is it too late to start a youtube channel
Is it too late to start a youtube channel

Youtube is getting crowded by so many creators in 2021 so competition for new creators is getting high day by day. And on the other side youtube is changing its policy so frequently to control and maintain the quality of youtube. So for new YouTubers,┬áit is a very challenging task to start a youtube channel in 2021. So now the main question is that ” Is it too late to start a youtube channel in 2021? “

Then my answer is ” NO “

Is it too late to start a YouTube channel
Is it too late to start a YouTube channel

Yes, we know that youtube is getting crowded by so many peoples day by day and nowadays everyone wants to start a channel on youtube, some people for passion and some people for money, but it is good for both reasons. So for new YouTubers, it is a very tough task to make their position on youtube considering the competition.

On the other hand, youtube is getting strict day by day to control illegal activities and to maintain the quality of this platform. Because where some people do hard work to get success then there are also some people who try to get success in one day and they try different illegal ways. So youtube have to become little strict to remove those people and reduce illegal activities on youtube to maintain the quality of this giant platform. And you can see that youtube has made so many changes to its policy in recent time like, if you want to monetize your videos then first, you must complete 4000 hours of watch time on your channel.

All these reasons can force you to think that ” Is it too late to start a youtube channel?”. But as I said earlier “no it is never too late”. Then let’s talk about why it is not too late to start a youtube channel.

First of all, youtube is a very big platform which is available in so many countries and over 75 languages. There are millions of videos are uploaded to youtube every minute and millions of videos are watched in that minute. According to The Verge, youtube has over 1.8 billion monthly logged-in users and this amount is very very large. And analytics also says that youtube is still healthy and growing platform.

Youtube is the dominant video platform on the web and it is still growing very fastly. And even internet is getting fast and cheap day by day so that now people spend more time watching youtube than T.V.

If you search on google that “most popular search engines” then you will find that youtube is the second most popular search engine after Google. That means people are using youtube to find an answer of their questions and curiosity.

You might be thinking that “how will you compete with those other popular YouTubers in your niche?” then listen, if you will think more and more about these all things then you won’t be able to your channel successfully so don’t think about these all things.

There are so many new YouTubers who’re getting popular and getting a large number of subscribers and views than older YouTubers. So if are able to deliver good, interesting and helpful content with good quality to your viewers then you can definitely grow faster. It always not needs to be the first but it always needs to be the best. If you are able to make good content than other then you will definitely get success. So the important thing is that “Don’t think about other YouTubers.”

You can start your channel on YouTube if you are passionate about something and creating videos about it because it is the most important thing. If you are doing this just to make money without hard work then you will not get success.

If you want to gain more subscribers and views then you should try different thing rather than copying the same ideas. Because people are always excited to watch new things. But even you can’t find new thing don’t worry, it is not always necessary to do new things. You can also make videos on old ideas and niche buy in a better way.

If you can make more interesting and quality videos then you can compete with other YouTubers very easily. So you have to think more about how to make your videos more interesting than other stuff. Make a connection with your viewers and audience so that it will help you to grow very fastly.

So that you can understand that youtube is growing more and more so that even youtube needs more and more creators on their platform.

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