This is my introduction and first blog.

This is my introduction and first blog.
First Post

Hello, world

Finally after long thinking I’m writing this blog, because this is my first blog on this website and for every blogger it is very exciting as well as tough and confusing task to take a decision that “What should I write on my first blog?” because we all bloggers want to impress our audience and so the first impression actually matters.

So now, let me give you my small introduction. My name is Kishan and I live in India. I’m a computer engineering student. But actually, I just don’t like this student life because I feel it is wasting my time. I’m the kind of person who loves to read and learn interesting things and stuff that helps in real life and make myself better. I always believe that we have to learn those things which are actually matters and we can utilize them to create something new and make life better.

I’m a tech enthusiast, technology lover and on the way of being a Geek. Mostly I spent my time to know more and more about this tech world. Computer programming is also my passion and I’m just on the way of learning and knowing more and more about it. Even when I sit lonely I can’t stop my self from thinking about this world of technology because of my curiosity.

Why I have started this website?

From so much time I wanted to share my thoughts and knowledge with the world and to talk with the world. I want to spread my thoughts and things that I know about the technology which can help the world. Before this, I tried to make videos on youtube but failed because of my bad speaking skill but even though I’m not going to give up here, I’ll make my come back again. But now I have started this website and I think this is a better way to share my thoughts Because I can write anything at any time and I don’t have to show my face and don’t even need good speaking skill. And to be honest I’ll also post ads on this website so that I can earn little money which will help me to run this website and also help me to grow so that I can do more for you.

what will I post on this website?

Here is the list of all topics and ideas for which I’ll write blogs :

  • Technology
  • Tech news
  • Tech tips and tricks
  • Mobile, computer and tech gadgets reviews
  • Buying guide
  • Computer programming
  • YouTube
  • A website, WordPress and hosting
  • Random blogs ( My thoughts )

Here I’ll post blogs about new technologies and tech news to tell you something new about technology and the digital world. Tech tips and tricks blogs will help you to solve your some problems. I’ll write reviews and my thoughts on mobile, computers and other digital gadgets so it will help you to take a decision and know something new. Lists of best products as a buying guide so you can buy the best thing for your self without losing money. Now as I am a YouTuber and blogger I know so many things about youtube and websites so, I can help you to solve your problems and I can share some best and helpful contents for youtube and website. Later when I’ll get good enough audience I’ll start writing about programming too.

I don’t have any idea that anyone will read this or not ? or how many people will read this?  So if you like this then please put one comment below because it will inspire me do more.

Thanks for reading

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Tech enthusiast | Geek | Programmer | Web developer | Introvert. Love to read and write about technology. I want to share my little knowledge with the world hoping that it will help someone.

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