How to Install Mac OS Catalina Theme On Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu finally has released it’s latest Version 20.04 which by default comes with GNOME 3.36. While it has it’s own beauty, you might want to try something cool with it. So here I’ll show you that how can you install the Mac OS Catalina theme on your Latest Ubuntu 20.04.

I’ll show you all step that How can you make your ubuntu 20.04 look something like Mac os Catalina.

1. Open your terminal and type the below command.

sudo apt-add-repository universe

You have to add this directory manually in ubuntu 20.04 as it’s not available by default.

2. Now you need to install gnome-tweaks

sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool

This application will help us changing different Themes and customizing the look of our default system.

3. Install gnome-shell-extensions

sudo apt install gnome-shell-extensions

4. Install dconf-editor

sudo apt install dconf-editor

5. Now, Download these two files:

  1. Mc-OS-CTLina-Gnome-Dark-1.3.2.tar.xz
  2. McOS-CTLina-Gnome-1.3.2.tar.xz

6. Open Nautilus File Manager with root access.

sudo nautilus

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