Google Chrome shortcut keys for Windows and Linux

Google chrome shortcut keys for Windows and Linux
Google chrome shortcut keys for Windows and Linux

Shortcut keys are very useful. While browsing on a google chrome browser switching between tabs and opening and closing tabs become a very irritating task when you use a mouse.

But by learning some useful google chrome shortcut keys you can speed-up your browsing skill. You don’t need to learn and remember all shortcut keys. So that here in this blog I’ll give a list of some useful google chrome shortcut keys.

Google Chrome Shortcut keys list

1. To open a new window

Ctrl + n

2. To open a new Incognito window

Ctrl + Shift + n

3. To open a new tab

Ctrl + t

4. To Jump to the next tab

Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + PgDn

5. To jump to the previous tab

Ctrl + Shift + Tab or Ctrl + PgUp

6. To reopen the last closed tab

Ctrl + Shift + t

7. To quit Google Chrome Browser

Ctrl + Shift + q

8. To close the current window

Alt + F4

9. To close the current tab

Ctrl + w or Ctrl + F4

10. To close all open tabs and the browser

Ctrl + Shift + w

11. To open home page in the current tab

Alt + Home

12. To open the previous page on the current tab

Alt + Left arrow

13. To open the next page on the current tab

Alt + Right arrow

14. To minimize the current window

Alt + Space + n

15. To maximize the current window

Alt + Space + x

16. To Jump to the last tab

Ctrl + 9

17. To Jump to a specific tab

Ctrl + 1 through Ctrl + 8

18. To save your current webpage as a bookmark

Ctrl + d

19. To open the Bookmarks Manager

Ctrl + Shift + o

20. To Show or hide the Bookmarks bar

Ctrl + Shift + b

21. To open Developer Tools

Ctrl + Shift + j or F12

22. To open the Chrome menu

Alt + f or Alt + e or F10

23. To browse as a Guest

Ctrl + Shift + m

24. To open the Find Bar

Ctrl + f or F3

25. To open the History page

Ctrl + h

26. To open the Downloads page

Ctrl + j

27. To open the Chrome Task Manager

Shift + Esc

28. To open the Clear Browsing Data options

Ctrl + Shift + Delete

29. To search with your default search engine

Type a search term Enter

30. To jump to the address bar

Ctrl + l or Alt + d or F6

31. To search using a different search engine

Type a search engine name Tab

32. To remove predictions from your address bar

Down arrow to highlight + Shift + Delete

33. To add WWW. and .COM to a site name

Type a site name + Ctrl + Enter

34. To open a new tab and perform a Google search

Type a search term Alt + Enter

35. To search from anywhere on the page

Ctrl + k or Ctrl + e

36. To print the current page

Ctrl + p

37. To save the current page

Ctrl + s

38. To reload the current page

F5 or Ctrl + r

39. To reload the current page by ignoring cached content

Shift + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + r

40. To stop the page loading


41. To turn full-screen mode on or off


42. Go to the bottom of the page


43. Go to the top of the page


44. To make everything bigger on the page

Ctrl and +

45. To make everything smaller on the page

Ctrl and –

46. To scroll down a webpage

Space or PgDn

47. To scroll up a webpage

Shift + Space or PgUp

48.To allow with in a notification

Alt + Shift + a

49. To deny within a notification

Alt + Shift + d

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