Funny ideas for youtube videos

Funny ideas for youtube videos
Funny ideas for youtube videos

To get success on youtube you have to make interesting videos that people love to watch. If your viewer doesn’t like your content they won’t come back again to your channel. And to make interesting videos you need to try different ideas. So if you’re looking for fun ideas for your channel then you are in the right place. Here I have listed some best funny ideas for youtube videos that you can try.

1. Reaction videos

You can make funny reaction videos. Give your funny reaction to different types of videos. Find different funny videos on the internet and other places, youtube is also the best place where you can find funny videos. Try to give different and funnier reactions than other reaction channels so that your audience will like and love your videos.

2. Body parts touching

You can make these types of videos with your friend or partner. In this type of video, one person is blindfolded and touches the body part of the second person and tries to recognize it. People like to watch these types of videos because it is funny.

3. Make fun of other videos

the internet is full of different types of videos. You can choose some videos according to your choice and make fun of those videos. But keep in mind that you should not use copyrighted videos and don’t try to offend anyone.

4. Pranks

Prank videos are the most popular category on youtube and there are so many pranksters on youtube. But this category is still very popular and funny. People love to watch different pranks so that you can try different ideas than other pranksters to make videos. If you try different and unique ideas for prank then people will surely like your videos.

5. Roasting videos

In these types of videos, you can make a roast of videos. On youtube, you can find different types of funny and stupid videos. You can make roasting videos where you can make fun of that videos and give your hilarious reactions to those videos.

6. Fake funny news

It is the best idea to make videos. Make videos about fake and funny news. You can make funny news about politics, sports, celebrities, weather, etc. Keep your face serious and make videos look alike original and professional news channels. But before starting your video put a disclaimer that news is fake and only for entertainment purposes.

7. Parody videos

You can find so many parody videos on youtube, you can also make parody videos. Make parody videos of popular YouTubers, movies, songs, and other popular videos on youtube.

8. Cartoon videos

Make funny cartoon videos. First, write some funny small story or script and then make the best animation and cartoon videos.

9. Make a comedy skit

People love to laugh and youtube has a large number of audiences who love to watch comedy skits. You can make and perform small comedy skits with your friends or someone else.

10. In-game comedy skit

If you love playing games then this can be the best idea for you. Record small gameplay videos and then edit it in a funny way and add funny commentary.

11. Funny animal videos

You can shoot videos of animals doing funny things. Even you can shoot videos of your pets.

12. live gameplay

There are so many peoples who live stream gameplays. If you are a good gamer then you should also try this but to make it funnier add live funny commentary.

13. Funny edited videos

Select some videos and then edit them in a funny way. You can cut small clips and then combine them in a meaningful and funny way so it looks very interesting and funny.

14. Silent comedy

There are very few people who don’t know Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean is known for his silent comedy and he got famous worldwide for it. You can also make silent comedy videos with funny and stupid like acting.

15. Funny fails

Make a collection of funny failing videos of people and animals or any other things. But keep in mind that your videos must not be harmful and no one should get an injury in videos. Because it is not good for both reasons, Google policy and real life.

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