Difference between HTML and HTML 5

Difference between HTML and HTML 5
Difference between HTML and HTML 5

Hypertext markup language means HTML is the markup language used by web developers to create the webpage. Html used to define the structure of the webpage. And HTML5 is nothing but fifth and the latest version of HTML. It is very important to note that HTML is not a programming language it is a markup language.

Html is used to add text, images, audio and video in webpage and HTML defined how these all elements will be displayed in the web browser. Html is the main and primary language to built any webpage because every webpage on the internet is built using HTML and other things like CSS and javascript etc, but HTML is the main language. In 1997 the HTML standard was developed by World Wide Web Consortium.

Different types of tags are used to define structure of the webpage for example:

  • <html> </html> for html doucument
  • <title></title> for page title
  • <body></body> for body of webpage
  • <p></p> to add paragraph
  • <img src=””> to add image
  • etc.

There are so many tags are available in HTML that you can use to add different types of elements to your webpage.

Html parser used to understand this HTML document. Html parser interprets the HTML documents and then converts it in better visual and audible form.

Html interpreter uses these tags only to understand the structure and elements of the document because these tags are not visible to users.

Html is used to add content like text, images, paragraph and some basic style like the font but that was not enough so to solve this problem Stylesheet is introduced. CSS is used to style and add a beautiful interface to your website.

The first version of HTML was called simple hypertext markup language but later it has been updated many times from HTML to HTML 2.0 in 1995 to HTML 3.2 in 1997 to HTML 4.01 in 1999 and lastly to Html 5 which the latest version of HTML. With time different types of features getting added to html5 but not any new number is given to the HTML version.

Html5 is still html and main language to develope webpage but with more features than old versions of html. Strictness which was present in XHTML was also removed in html 5. For example

<p> hello world

if you write this code and forgot to add closing tag mistakenly for paragraph even though modren browser will understand this and disply paragraph without any problem. Which is not possible in XHTML.

Html 5

Html 5 is the latest and improved version of HTML which was released in 2014. It is the successor of HTML 4 which was standardized by WWWC in 1997. Everything is updated for some reasons and improvements and here is the same reason behind HTML 5. Html 5 is introduced to add new features, tags, attributes to make web development easier and fast.

Unlike HTML, HTML 5 offers you different types of elements, attributes, tags and technologies to a built better webpage with better look, structure, and more functionalities.

There are many different elements and attributes are introduced in html 5. Like

  • New graphic elements: <svg> and <canvas >
  • New multimedia elements: <audio>, <video>, <source>, <track> and <embed>
  • New semantic elements: <header>, <footer>, <article>,<nav>, <aside>, <figure>, <main> and <section>
  • New form elements: <datalist> and <output>
  • Document type declaration: <!DOCTYPE html>
  • New form control attributes: Number, Date, Time and Calendar and Range.

Also so many elements are removed from html 5:

<dir>, <center>, <basefont>, <acronym>, <applet>, <big>, <font>, <frame>, <frameset>, <noframes>, <strike>, <s>, <tt>,<u>, <isindex>

Some of these tags are replaced by other elements and other is handled by CSS.

Difference between Html and Html 5

  • Doctype declaration in html is too long like “<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN” “http//www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd”>” whereas in html 5 it can be done using only “<!DOCTYPE html>” only.
  • Character encoding is also long in html like “<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN”>” where as in html 5 it is very small “<meta charset=”UTF-8″>.
  • In HTML vector graphics is only possible with the help of different types of technologies such as VML, Flash, and Silverlight. But in Html 5 vector graphics is the integral part, such as SVG and Canvas.
  • Audio and video elements are not available in html. But <audio> and <video> are integral part of Html 5.
  • You can not draw different shapes like circle, triangle, rectangle, etc in Html but it is possible to draw these shapes in Html 5.
  • Html does not allow javascript to run in the web browser, javascript can be run in the same thread as the browser interface. But Html 5 allows javascript to run in the background and this is possible because of JS web worker API.
  • Html is less mobile friendly. Html 5 is more mobile friendly and compatible with different devices.
  • Local cache, cookies are used to store temporary data but Html 5 uses the SQL database and application cache to store offline data.
  • It is not possible to get the GeoLocation of any user browsing any website in Html. But it can be possible in Html 5 with the help of JS GeoLocation API.
  • Html 5 supports MathML to display mathematical notation in a better way.
  • Parsing rules are improved for more flexibility and compatibility.
  • Drag and drop functionality is not available in Html which is supported in Html 5.
  • Some elements are no longer supported like basefont, acronym, frame, frameset, noframe, font, applet, dir, big, center, tt, strike.
  • New form control attributes are introduced in Html 5 like dates, times, number, calendar, range, URL, search, email, tel.
  • There are so many new elements are available in Html 5 like time, aside, audio, video, datalist, header, footer, nav, section, source, track, article, progress, rt, rp, command, data, details, embed, figcaption, figure, wbr, summary, bdi, canvas, mark, meter, etc.
  • Html is supported by all old browsers and Html 5 is supported by all new and modern browsers.


What is javascript? Know about javascript.

Advantages of Html 5 vs Html

For web-developers:

1. Better error handling

Every browser has a parser to handle syntactically and structurally improper HTML code. But before some time there were not any specific standard rules to handle improper HTML code.

And according to the survey, almost 90% of websites contain improper HTML code. Now improper code leads to an improper display of content in a browser. If any browser developer has to test malformed HTML document then they have to do it in other browsers for error handling through the reverse engineering process.

But this problem is solved in Html 5 and it helps developers to save time and money both.

2. Improved support for web applications features

The main goal of Html 5 is to enable browsers to work as an application platform. In past websites used to be less complex but with time nowadays websites are getting more complex so developers had to find ways to “work around” browser extensions and other server-side technologies. But now Html 5 gives developers more control over the performance of websites. Many of the JS-based and flash hacks which were used in HTML 4 now available as elements as an integral part of the language.

3. Improved semantic for elements

To improve code insinuation, some improvements have been made to the semantic roles of various existing elements. Most of the div elements are replaced with header, footer, nav, article. So now the process of mistake-scanning is less complicated.

4. Better mobile support

Users of mobiles and tablets are growing very fastly. And access to the internet is increased from mobiles and tablets. But before some time it was very complicated to make your website compatible with different types of devices like desktops, mobiles, and tablets. And developers could not compromise with this because of the big market share of mobiles. But now it is easier to make a mobile-friendly website with the help of latest Html 5.

5. Custom data attributes

Before Html 5 it was possible to add custom data attributes but it was a very. In HTML 4 sometimes custom element would stop a page from rendering completely or it could also lead to the invalid HTML document.

But in Html 5 data-* attribute is the solution to all these problems. There are many uses of data_* attribute but its main goal is to store additional information about the elements. The inclusion of custom data allows developers to make more engaging web pages without depending on AJAX calls and server-side lookups.

6. Solution to store information

Before Html 5 cookies were only the option to store information. And we know that cookies can store very less amount of data. And some users don’t allow websites to store cookies.

But in Html 5 localStorage object allows developers to store data. And the localStorage object is a part of global windows namespace so it can be accessed from anywhere within the script.

7. Canvas and menu elements

Before Html 5 developers had to use flash and other technologies to add vector graphics but in HTML 5 it becomes very easier to add different graphical shapes by using scripts.

Menu tag is also a very useful tag in Html 5. You can create menu using <menu> tag and menu items using <menuitem> tags. But these tags are not much popular.

8. The type attribute is not required in script and link elements

Type attribute was required in script and link tags before Html 5 but now it is removed in HTML 5.

For users:

  • Now users can access websites and web applications without worry about browser crashing problems.
  • Websites are getting more mobile-friendly and easy to use.
  • Now no need to use additional plugins to view multimedia on your device because of audio and video elements.
  • Nowadays no need to download and install the application to use service of any company because websites are getting more interactive and functional. A progressive web app is an example of it.


It is no need to say that Html 5 is definitely better and improved than previous versions of HTML. Html 5 makes web development very easier and fast for developers. And if you know HTML then it is very easy to learn Html 5.

Even the development of Html 5 is not stopping here, It is getting more and more improved with time by the developers over the world. It is expected to change the social media and web development further. For web developers, it is very essential to adopt Html 5 as soon as possible to remain up to date with the time.

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